Porsche Tribute Bike From Custom-Wolf and Thunderbike

Instead of going solo, Custom-Wolf and Thunderbike, the German bike builders worked together to make one cool, mean bike to pay tribute to one of their own: the German automaker Porsche. A 5 speed Harley-Davidson Softail transmission and an 113 cui (1,851 cc) engine from S&S Cycles got things going by giving power to the Porsche Tribute bike.

For this beast of a  bike, Thunderbike took the responsibility to make the fork, handlebars, chin and the wheels with black and gold plated screws sized 4 x 18″ up front and 10 x 18″ in the back, while Custom-Wolf took care of designing the exhaust, fuel and oil tanks, rear fender and swingarm, grips and switching.

Other parts for this truly beautiful yet Frankenstein Porsche tribute bike come from; frame made by MMS/Custom-Wolf, brake calipers from the Kawasaki ZX10R, suspension from Legend Air and M-Unit E-Box and instrument cluster from Motogadget. It also features a rear Buell motor and a cool glow light.

Marcus Pfeil completed the bike with a paint job that portraits Porsche theme and other iconic faces from Porsche’s legendary history. After having done all this, the bike is not for sale. But, if you ask them, they just might build one like that just for you.

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Source: Luxatic

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