Polaris Own Indian Motorcycle Relaunches With Three New Bikes

Polaris Industries own, American motorcycle maker, Indian Motorcycle, will launch three new motorcycles. Polaris Industries CEO, Scott Wine hopes three motorcycles will woo enough fans to justify his “$100 million bet” on buying America’s oldest bike brand. Indian bikes are manufactured at the same state-of-the-art facility as Polaris owned Victory motorcycles. Bikes have maintained its signature handcrafted leather details brand is known for since 1901.

The 2014 Indian “Chief” Classic, starts at $18,999
All new Thunder Stroke 111 engine power delivers 119 ft-lbs of toque. Keyless start for a secure and convenient ride. You misplaced the fob, no problem, just enter the individual security code into the ignition and you are on your way. Other notable features include the bright chrome finish, vintage badging of “Indian”, war bonnet atop front fender, valenced fenders, brake caliper covers, easy to read large center control, laced wheels and quick release windshield.

Indian Chief Classic

The 2014 Indian “Chief” Vintage, start at $20,999
“Vintage” has the same engine and most of the same design as “Classic.” Additions to Chief Vintage include quick release leather saddlebags, a vintage chrome badge on the front fender, and a quick-release windshield. Leather fringe comes as optional.

Indian Chief Vintage

The 2014 Indian “Chieftain”, starts at $22,999
“Chieftain” also has the same engine.  Additional advanced features include integrated driving lights and a power windshield set on its fork-mounted fairing, as well as hard saddlebags with remote locks and quick-release anchors, a high-output audio system with integrated Bluetooth connectivity, and a system for monitoring tire pressure.

Indian Chieftain

Colors and warranty are standard for all three models. Colors include Thunder Black, Indian Motorcycle Red, and Springfield Blue. Indian Motorcycles receive 5-years of coverage with 1-year limited warranty and an extended service contract.

The 2014 Indian Chief models will arrive in new Indian Motorcycle dealerships in September.

Source: Indian Motorcycle

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