Seen In Japan A Pink Lamborghini Aventador With Floral Motifs

Paris Hilton is not the only person in the world who loves to pinkify and precious stonify everything from cars to phones. Last year we saw this bubblegum pink Tesla from Chicago. Here’s a different car wrapped in pastel – not any car but a Lamborghini Aventador. Sometimes people do unimaginable things, this is one of those times.

Forgiato Pink Lamborghini Aventador

Of all places in the world, this Aventador was found in Japan. You don’t normally associate Japan and Japanese with pink unless it has something to do with Hello Kitty. This car not only comes wrapped in pink but decked in black graphics with thousands of rhinestones for an even edgier look.

Forgiato Japan supplied the cool rims for the souped-up Lamborghini. Most expensive item on the list is the Liberty Walk body kit that included the aforementioned graphics and rhinestones. This is a complete job with no stone left unturned – they even painted the door jams with a same exterior pink.

Forgiato Pink Lamborghini Aventador

Then there are the unmistakable Forgiato Decimo-L wheels – in all its glory in polished rose gold. They haven’t touched the interiors much, and they are left in its original whites. Check out the gallery above for fancy of the pink Lamborghini Aventador.

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