Ride On The Pikachu’s Joyful Pokémon With You Train In Japan

Pokémon With You Pikachu Train

Japan, trains, and Pokémons are a better love story than Twilight. In 2012, Japan Railway East introduced the Pokémon With You train for a good cause. After the 2011 earthquake and devastating tsunami that followed, everyone in the region needed some cheering up, kids especially. The Pokémon train’s original decorations had everything from Pikachus to fake plants to little tunnels to curtains, and decals to make the sightseeing train ride an unforgettable one.

Pokémon With You Pikachu Train

According to reports that train recently received a new Pikachu-themed makeover, just in time for summer travel. New interior decorations of the bright yellow and brown train feature Pikachu everywhere – you can’t unsee him, even if you tried. The seats, which the Japan Rail calls “communication seats” have corners adorned with colorful Poké Balls. There is also a special play area for kids not that keen on the ride but love to play with Pokémonsters. A trip on this fun filled train is a great for families to have a fun time together.

You can catch the Pokémon With You train on the Ofunato Line. It departs from Ichinoseki Station in Iwate and ends at Kesennuma Station in Miyagi. To buy tickets visit here. Here’s the schedule –

July 15th–17th, 22nd–23rd, 29th–31st
August 1st–20th, 26th–27th
September 2nd–3rd, 9th–10th, 16th–18th, 23rd–24th, 30th

Source: RocketNews24

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