New Yacht WallyKokoNut Now Available For Charter In Corsica And Sardinia

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Got plans to spend few weeks in the Mediterranean in coming weeks? You can add the WallyKokoNut yacht for your list of luxuries to charter while in Corsica and Sardinia. Swiss-Italian luxury yacht company, Floating Life has added a brand new WallyKokoNut to their fleet recently and made it available for charter with rates starting at €55,000 ($75,000) per week.

WallyKokoNut is the second WallyAce series yacht designed by the Monaco-based Wally. The 85 foot yacht has 538 square feet of interior space that includes two large double cabins with direct access to water via its open terrace, and two VIP cabins that can house up to 10 guests. It has two decks that measure 1,375 square feet, spacious enough room to throw a party and includes a 645 square foot sundeck with sunbeds, sofas and a fully equipped bar. The 1,290 square feet glass-walled main deck is where the navigation and steering station are located, it also houses a spacious lounge and a dining area. Tastefully decorated interiors feature modern furnishings in walnut wood and pearl gray fabric.

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Wally has been building technologically advanced yachts with innovative designs for two decades. WallyKokoNut is their second yacht of the WallyAce series. Equipped with a low-rpm engine, it is capable of going at a top-speed of 12 knots. While fuel efficiency allows one nautical mile per 2 gallons and a range of more than 3,000 nautical miles.

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Source: Floating Life

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