New E-Flyer Electric Bike From Icon

Icon is known more for their work on gas guzzling classic four-wheelers than two-wheelers. Bucking that trend, they worked on an electric bike.The company this week released the Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike, which is sure to please bike enthusiasts, as well as the environmentally conscious population.

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Inspired by World War I era board racers, Icon bike merge old design classicism with new EV technology. Powered by a 3,500watt Brushless DC Hub-Motor and 52v battery, E-Flyer carries a 35-mile range on a two-hour single charge. Top speed on road is limited to 20mph with 36mph in race mode. Weighing just 57 lbs, the bike is fitted with Avid BB7R brakes and Creed LED headlights.

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Top of the line material and parts used include a hydroformed aluminum frame, Billet forks, leather handle and seat from Brooks England. It is powder coated in Rocky Mountain Grey with brushed stainless, nickel and brass plate finish. A limited edition bike, only 50 units of Icon E-Flyer will be made. Made to order bike come with a price tag of $4,995.

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Source: ICON

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