Morgan Announces Morgan Plus 8 Speedster To Celebrates 100 Years At Pickersleigh Road

Morgan Plus 8 Speedster 1

One of the oldest sports car makers in the world, UK’s Morgan Motor Company is celebrating its 100th anniversary of vehicle manufacturing at the Pickersleigh Road factory this year. A rarity for small scale automakers in this day and age. To celebrate the occasion, the company is releasing a special edition of its famed Plus 8, named Morgan Plus 8 Speedster.

The renderings show exterior design of the Plus 8 Speedster features the same long, low hood with drawn-out headlights and a short rear deck. Plus 8 Speedster according to Morgan offers a “more invigorating driving experience inspired by a bygone era of stripped back, road going race cars.”

Morgan Plus 8 Speedster 3

Powering the Plus 8 Speedster is a 367 hp 4.8 liter BMW V8 engine and a 6 speed manual or ZF 6 speed automatic gearbox. The car is capable of rushing from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds and attain a top speed of 148 mph. The aluminium chassis made with latest technologies available is guaranteed to offer better road performance as well as enhance its looks. The leather belt holding down the hood is a prominent design feature borrowed from vintage cars. And the Plus 8 Speedster also claims a power to weigh ratio better than or equal to any vehicle in its class.

The Plus 8 Speedster comes with a host of customizable options that feature roll hoops, wheel louvers, and several wheel designs. Customers can also opt to have or not to have a top. Accodrding to Morgan Motors press release production will start in June and first cars will go on sale in summer. Even though the unique edition is also a limited edition, there is no word on for how many units it is limited to. Plus 8 Speedster prices will start at £69,995 (approx. $120,000).

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Source: Morgan Motors 

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