Maserati Ghibli Funeral Hearse With Bells And Whistles For Inevitable Last Journey

Maserati Ghibli Hearse

Race to everything, even in death. That seems to be motto Italian coach-builder Ellena Autotrasformazioni had on mind when they decided to convert supercars into funeral carriages. After spending an entire lifetime drooling over Maseratis and other supercars you cannot afford, finally, you get to ride one on your inevitable last journey, perhaps little too fast. To be exact, a Maserati Ghibli hearse with a 3000-V6 engine.

The company has taken a diesel-powered Maserati and extended it by 64 inches, lengthening it to just over 21-and-a-half feet. That is enough room not just for the coffin, but also to install door hooks for the beautiful wreaths you are going to receive. Your last journey will not be in the back of a dark hearse, they fitted the interiors with LED lighting. For additional protection from evil souls waiting for your arrival, hearse comes with a removable stainless steel cross (removable in case you belong to a different religion). To extend Maserati Ghibli’s body they used fiberglass. Ellena also offers metallic paint color options.

Maserati Ghibli Hearse

Other bells and whistles include leather interiors, a multi-functional steering wheel, dual-zone automatic climate control and a great audio system. Bit unfortunate timing really – you would’ve enjoyed these luxuries under different circumstances.

Very innovative of Ellena Autotrasformazioni to think outside the box. If your preference is for German wheels, they have a couple of Mercedes Benz E512 converts too.


Source: Mashable

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