Limited Edition Budnitz FTB Fat Bike To Ride On Ice

Giant 3.8 inch tires are the name of the game with limited edition Budnitz FTB fat bike. Made by Burlington, Vermont based Budnitz Bicycles, a company that specializes in high-performance bicycles. The FTB fat bike comes well designed for off-road as well as for city rides.

Featuring a titanium cantilever frame that weighs just under 4 pounds, the bike arrives with an unexpectedly lightweight for a fat bike. The handmade bike use a USA-made carbon fork from White Brothers. Environmentally friendly, it comes equipped with a Rohloff-engineered internal transmission that provides an enormous gear range, and unparalleled reliability even on snow. Optional features include anodized red Paul Components Love Levers and mechanical brakes, or the world’s lightest hydraulic brakes from Formula in Italy. Custom Budnitz titanium riser bar, stem, and badges.

Budnitz Bicycles FTB fat bike 5

There is no limit to where you can ride this bike, be it curbs, flights of stairs, deep potholes, gravel alleyways, dirt trails, mud, beach, snow, or ice, you are guaranteed to enjoy it. Budnitz claims their Head of Design, John even rode the bike bicycle over an abandoned VW Jetta.

The made to order Budnitz FTB fat bike will be available in limited quantities starting at $7000.

Budnitz Bicycles FTB fat bike 2 Budnitz Bicycles FTB fat bike 3 Budnitz Bicycles FTB fat bike 4

Source: Budnitz

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