The Levis V6 Cafe Racer Zooms Into The Future

Levis V6 Cafe Racer

When most of us think of Levi’s, we think classic denim jeans and casual clothes, but here’s a fun fact for you – there’s also a company from the UK called Levis motorcycles famous for producing two-strokes bikes from 1911! The red and white bike with black accents and old-style headlights makes it the perfect blend of vintage and futuristic.

The Levis motorcycles were one of the objects of envy on roads for many years. However, after the Second World War, the company disappeared for nearly 70 years, until Phil Bevan purchased the name and decided to relaunch the brand together with Steve Kirk. And thus Levis motorcycles was reborn from a dream of two automotive designers who wanted to resurrect the defunct yet iconic British motorcycle producer.

Levis V6 Cafe Racer

The duo worked for almost seven months on the Levis V6 Café Racer – a revolutionary bike that was panned down around one of their car engines. Levis will mark its powerful comeback in the world of motorcycles with the V6 Cafe Racer that will bring all your retro dreams to life and probably even set your pulses racing if you are a bike collector!

At the heart of the Levis, Cafe V6 Racer sits an extraordinary narrow-angle 1,200cc V6 engine, mounted longitudinally in the frame and making a beautiful sound equivalent to three Harleys zooming together. The Levis Cafe V6 Raver has 120 ponies on tap with the potential to thrill anyone and everyone starting March 2019.

Levis V6 Cafe Racer

If you can’t wait till March 2019 to see the Levis Cafe V6 Racer, don’t worry, the bike’s concept will be showcased at Salon Prive at Blenheim Palace starting August 2018 and at the Goodwood, Revival fest starting September 2018. Apart from this V6 Cafe Racer, Levis is also planning to build four other models in the near future based on their distinct flexible stainless steel frame which includes an Urban Roadster and a Flat Tracker bike. Prices for one of these Levis motorcycles are expected to go over the £100,000 mark considering that they are one of a kind and collector’s items. Do you think this special road beauty is more 50s or more Jetsons?

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