Let’s Take A Peak At The Gulfstream G450

With its large cabin and ultra-long range, Gulfstream G450 is the worthy successor to GIV-SP, the best-selling jet in business aviation world for a considerable period of time.

Introduced in 2003, G450 has the capability to climb to a cruise altitude of 41,000 ft in 20 min. This makes climbing in high altitude airports a mere formality. As proved during a flight, a G450 departed the high-altitude Centennial Airport in Denver and touched down at Honolulu Airport, Oahu in just over seven hours, this actually is a new city-pair record.

Gulfstream G450 2

G450 has a normal cruise speed of Mach .80. It can reach a maximum speed of Mach 0.88 and carry an eight-member team up to 4,350 nautical miles. With its inter-continental range, Dallas to Paris is one non-stop flight for you sit back, relax and enjoy.

Gulfstream G450 3

Another important feature is the cockpit technology. All of the G450’s are equipped with PlaneView flight deck, considered the most advanced in business aviation. 14-inch liquid crystal display screens are arranged in landscape format to enhance situational awareness by presenting pilots with a clear picture of runaway markings, taxiways and the surrounding landscape at night or in bad weather conditions. Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display, is offered as an additional option to increase the level of safety.

Gulfstream G450 6

Gulfstream gives prospective buyers six Select Interior Configurations. Options to choose include from accommodating 16 passengers comfortably to berthing six passengers. Whatever the configuration Gulfstream promises quiet and comfortable environment aboard its G450s.

With more 3500 trained technical professionals and a world wide support network, Gulfstream is only a phone call away for support.

Gulfstream G450 4 Gulfstream G450 5

Source: Gulfstream

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