Eco-Friendly Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike Follows Vespa’s Design

Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike 2

Electric bikes have picked up steam in the last few years. Some may say it’s a crowded field, but each different design is providing a valuable alternative to gas guzzling transport modes. The Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike is a unisex bike built with ergonomics, functionality and durability on mind.

The high-tech light-weight bike modeled after Italy’s famous Vespa scooter has a carbon fiber monocoque frame that is elegantly designed. Its clean design also make sure no cables are visible from outside, they are all tucked into the frame. Most electric bikes in the market are tailored to off-road or leisure riding but Leaos 2.0 is designed specifically for the urban rider. It features NuVinci automatic shifting, a carbon handlebar with integrated display, carbon mudguards and a lighting system from Supernova. It also has a BMZ battery and a new generation engine that powers it to a top speed of 45 kmph.

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Other notable highlights include comfortable seat position and handlebar length, and height adjustments. Fitted with Schwalbe balloon tires bike is equipped to handle bumpy rides on any road.

The Leaos 2.0 has been hand-made and designed in Italy by Armin Oberhollenzer. Available in two color options of matte black and white. However, customization options are available in various accessories and colors according to the company. In total it weighs around just 48.5 lbs (22 kg). Base price for the bike starts at €4,980 (about $6,800) and Leaos plan to introduce it to the US market soon.

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Source: Leaos

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