Exotic Looking All-Terrain 1955 Lamborghini DL25 Tractor Now On Sale

Lamborghini DL25 Tractor

For those of you who are unaware of Lamborghini’s historical journey, did you know that the luxury supercar manufacturer made its entry into the world of automobiles not with luxury cars to begin with? Its first production was not even a car of sorts! Its first manufacture was the ‘Trattori’. Though the name resounds of luxury the Trattori was in fact a range of heavy-duty agricultural vehicles or as we call them “Tractors”. Surprisingly enough, it was with this range of bourgeois tractors that the now exclusive Lamborghini first tried to make its mark in the automobile world. While the massive Trattoris never really made it to the US at the time of their manufacture for business, one of these – an exotic looking all-terrain Lamborghini DL25 Tractor – has finally arrived in the US for auto-connoisseurs scrutiny. Practical rather than luxurious in its design, the machine proudly stands head to head with the Miuras and Countachs -its market competition.

Lamborghini DL25 Tractor

This restored 1955 Lamborghini DL 25 that has now arrived in US comes fully equipped with a 2-cylinder diesel engine that produces close to 26 horsepower of torque. The belt-driven PTO is reported to be in a remarkably good condition for a second-hand machine with it’s in built with 4-speed manual transmission and hydraulic rear brakes. In terms of the exterior, the DL 25 is painted in a classic Trattori-red on the bodywork with blue touches on the chassis and wheel hubs. It is also equipped with a few mechanical-looking black parts above with brand new rubber fixtures for a rather finished look. What gives the tractor its rustic appeal is its exterior though its cockpit appears to be more worn out than its exterior, a feature so easily applicable to vintage machines.

Prime and perfect for antiquated car-lovers, the Lamborghini DL25 Tractor is indeed a special treat due to its rare -actually almost nil- presence in the country. Currently available for purchase via AutoCherish for $ 31, 775 this Lamborghini Trattori is certainly a bargain for wealthy car collectors with a special Lamborghini penchant!

Source: Luxury Launches

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