For The Kid Who Has Everything A Gold-Plated Atom Car From Selfridges $49,000

Atom Car Gold-Plated At Selfridges

Here is the perfect Christmas gift for the kid who has everything. This gold plated electric four wheeler from Atom Car will set you back around £30,000. But moms and dads look at the big picture, world’s happiest 3” 6’ tall little guy is going to be right in front of you at your house this Christmas. This is a power house racecar for a kid – it has among others a 48 volt Cpu motor with rechargeable batteries that lasts up to 48 hours.

Standard bells and whistles of the fancy gold plated Atom Car includes functional LED lights, a horn and dashboard console with switches. It also has adjustable speed settings and go at a top speed of 15 mph. What’s more there is also the option to have a personalized number plate and stitchwort. Its interiors are wrapped in plush Nappa leather.

Optional trappings include alloy wheels, a car cover and Swarovski crystal embellishments. Atom Car in its gold-plated glory is now available to purchase through Selfridges’ Oxford Street Store in London, which in US$ costs close to $49,000.

Atom Car Gold-Plated At Selfridges 2


Source: Metro UK

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