Jaguar XE By Stella McCartney Dressed For Success

Jaguar XE by Stella McCartney 1

On September 29, if you are in Paris and see a fleet of new Jaguar XE’s roaming Parisian streets clad in unusual paint work don’t panic. Two British brands got together to create the FEEL XE advertising campaign to boost interest for the latest entry-level Jaguar XE. British automaker has invited fashion designer Stella McCartney to dress a limited number of Jaguar XEs, which the company plans to use to transport VIPs around Paris during the Paris Fashion Week. McCartney chose to wrap Jaguars with Superhero print from her 2015 Spring collection. The official presentation of Jaguar XE range along with full details, automaker will announce at the Paris Auto Show.

“Jaguar is a British brand that’s full of heritage, charm and one that I’ve admired for years so it’s a pleasure to be finally working directly with them. It was interesting to adapt my playful Superhero print for the XE, adding a feeling of empowerment to its exhilarating design – I can’t wait to see it on the streets of Paris,” said McCartney in a statement.

In a press release Jaguar said, “both Stella and Jaguar represent the best in British design and have a shared commitment to modernity, performance and innovation.” In addition to Stella McCartney, Jaguar announced British actor Idris Elba will be part of the FEEL XE project.

Jaguar XE by Stella McCartney 2


Source: Carscoops

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