Hermès Lightweight Bicycle With A Weighty Price $11,000

Hermès decided to update their luxury two-wheel ride offerings, with a double offering of bikes named, for god’s sakes, ‘Le Flâneur d’Hermès’ (a relaxed ride for the city) and ‘Le Flâneur Sportif d’Hermès’ (a sportier racing bike model).

Bikes are available in three colors – charcoal, red and white. Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber bicycles feature bull calf leather on the saddles, handlebar grips, carry handles and luggage rack supports. Bikes are handmade in France by local manufacturer Time.

Hermès bicycle 2

Head of Hermès Horizons division responsible for the project, François Doré told WWD “We really want to work with people who have a very deep expertise, and wherever possible, we try to find them in France.” He also added. “We set out to make a real bike, not a decorative object. It had to be simple, efficient, easy to use, pleasant and elegant.”

Features of the extravagant bicycle include a shock-absorbing frame, belt-driven transmission, and hydraulic disc brakes. Integrated into the rear wheel hub, gears come with options of eight or eleven.

Hermès current bicycle on the market, a lacquered stainless steel sells for $ 4,650. New bicycles in time holiday season, will go on sale in November with a price tag of $11,000 (€8,100.)

Source: WWD

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