Golden Ferrari 458 Spider Spotted In London

Ferrari 458 Spider gold chrome wrapped 1

Tim Burton aka Shmee150 has posted this little gem he found parked on a London street on his YouTube channel. No amount of gold chrome wrap can hide the fact this is a Ferrari 458 Spider from the Italian Prancing Horse.

If the F1 IRAK number plate is anything to go by we can make a fairly accurate guess who this belong to. Same number plate previously appeared on a more conventional red Ferrari. Sometimes you can’t put a price on tacky!

Ferrari 458 Spider gold chrome wrapped 3

Back to the gold plated one. As you can see exteriors are entirely covered in gold chrome and wheel rims are not spared a thought either. Even from the video below it is difficult to say what’s inside other than the red dashboard, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise as we could only imagine how much of bling is inside. And to think the world thought they got rid of over-indulging sons of Saddam Hussein.

Ferrari 458 Spider gold chrome wrapped 2 Ferrari F1 IRAK


Source: Shmee150

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