Gold Painted BMW Z4 With Dragon Inspired Yak Bone Carvings On Show In China

This is how you do not customize a BMW.  The Chinese have given the flashiest and appalling customization anyone can give a BMW Z4 or any car. Painted in gold, the BMW Z4 was then given a detailed dragon decoration that includes a dragon nose, wings, a tail and claws, all sculptured from yak bones.

Dragon decoration of the car starts with dragon nose on the front with two eyes and two strands of whiskers. Then comes the wings attached to its aftermarket scissor doors, dragons claws are then attached to extremely unlucky gold rims. Finally, BMW’s trunk gets to host the tail with yak bones and gold detail. Inside the dashboard, steering wheel and gear stick are all draped in yak bone dragon carvings. In all a total of 30,000 yak leg bones used to create this monstrosity.

Gold BMW Z4 With Dragon - 2

Gold wrapped dragon BMW was on display at the China Import and Export in the Southern Guandong Province. It did attract the curious onlookers at the show. Sculpture Su Zhongyang who hatched this idea must have no knowledge of aesthetics or design, though he and his team of 19 have put on a lot of time and effort for this complicated work. We can safely assume that BMW AG is not amused.

Gold BMW Z4 With Dragon - 3Gold BMW Z4 With Dragon - 4Gold BMW Z4 With Dragon - 5Gold BMW Z4 With Dragon - 6

Source: Daily Mail UK

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