Gemballa Gives GForged-One Wheels To McLaren P1

McLaren P1 owners are in for a treat, in case they change their minds about the supercars standard wheels. Even if they cost a whopping $1.15 million straight from the automaker, you have this urge to change something to make it truly yours by spending a bit more, right? German tuner Gemballa has just announced their offering to all 375 units of limited edition Mclaren P1’s to replace stock McLaren wheels with their exclusive GForged-One wheels.

With GForged-One, the P1’s standard 19-inch front wheels get replaced with 20-inch wheels, and rear 20-inch ones get burly 21-inch wheels. Options include getting Gunmetal or Black Magic color in full-surface finish or “diamond-cut” finish. While the V-shaped twin-spokes of Gemballa wheels adds a more striking look to the car on its own, it also allows braking components to be visible and add another layer of stylistic features.

Gemballa McLaren P1-3

Gemballa’s CEO Andreas Schwarz explained the new undertaking this way “Of course, being the first to offer this type of product was not enough; the product we offer is also both technically and visually fascinating.” Wheels are just the beginning according to the company, additional customization options to the vehicle are on the way.

Pricing information is not released to the general public, after all, there are only 375 people in the world with a McLaren P1 in their state-of-the-art garages. Gemballa can just next-day FEDEX a glossy brochure with all that information if one of them inquire anyway.

Gemballa McLaren P1-2 Gemballa McLaren P1-5 Gemballa McLaren P1-6 Gemballa McLaren P1-4 Gemballa McLaren P1-7 Gemballa McLaren P1-8

Source: Carscoops

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