Garage Italia Customs Presents Fiat 500 Kar-masutra To Spice Up Your Life

Garage Italia Kama-Sutra Fiat 500

Indian Vedic philosopher, Vātsyāyana, may have written the Kama Sutra, but one thing is undisputable – these two cars will never set their eyes on the many colors of India’s Holi festival – not now, not ever. Lapo Elkann, the eccentric boss of Garage Italia Customs announced his firm’s latest creation – the Fiat 500 Kar-masutra on Instagram with notes “Who said Love & Sex are a sin?” and “Have fun, reflect and think”.

Garage Italia worked on two different Fiat 500 models and both cars showcase different Kama Sutra-inspired artwork. They did something different with artwork, instead of Indian art, for one car they went with ancient Japanese erotic art. Even for Lapo artwork was a bit too much to handle, he censored the first batch of photos with black rectangles. He eventually ended up releasing images without covers. It seems the rectangles are a thermochromic heat-sensitive paint, under high temperature, it reveals what’s underneath.

Garage Italia Kama-Sutra Fiat 500

Not to be outdone by exteriors, interiors have an erotic life of their own too. In the all red-clad version, the back has a sign that says “adults only”, an adult toy-shaped stick shift and a pair of red handcuffs by the rear window. The other version in a pink/beige/red combination feature a dashboard with more Kama Sutra art. Both Fiat 500 Kar-masutra versions come with red curtains.

Garage Italia Kama-Sutra Fiat 500

Lapo Elkann love to make noise about his company’s work, going forward he plans to announce “new concepts and new ideas for all. Every Monday I will introduce our projects involving the three elements that have always been in my DNA: air, land, and sea”.

Source: Carscoops

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