First Private 747-8 With VVIP Interiors Delivered By Greenpoint

Greenpoint Boeing 747-8 VIP Interiors 4

I say this is how we all should be flying from one exotic place to another. Alas, this is not for everyone. Greenpoint Technologies, whose whole business is converting vanilla Boeings into luxury palaces in the sky has released a series of conceptual digital renderings of a Boeing 747-8, world’s longest passenger jet (3ft longer than Airbus 380.) They completed work with VVIP interiors and unconfirmed reports say it might have cost the owner over $250 million.

Greenpoint Boeing 747-8 VIP Interiors 5

Boeing’s largest passenger jet can carry more than 450 passengers and costs about $358 million. It has a cabin 20ft wide and 200 ft long, means if you have money you can convert it into a floating palace with all the luxuries you ever wanted. That is exactly what the mysterious owner did and it took Greenpoint three years to complete the job – might take that long to build a mega-palace on ground too. Released conceptual images show a dining room, two spacious lounge areas, a master bedroom suite, a guest bedroom, and office space – with gold, white and beige colors taking center stage.

Greenpoint Boeing 747-8 VIP Interiors 6

Not sure if this particular aircraft has it, but Greenpoint also has a special facilities package called Aeroloft. Installed above the main deck at the back, it consists of 8 private sleeping births, a lounge and a stairway to access it. Optionally they can install an elevator that can carry up to four passengers. The Boeing 747-8 can lift almost 1 million pound in weight and travel non-stop 9,200 miles at a cruise speed of 600 mph.

The 747-8 mega-palace in the sky project was completed and delivered last December by Greenpoint.

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Source: Robb Report and Greenpoint Technologies

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