Fashionable Bicycles From Martone Cycling Company

Martone Bicycle 1

If you want to ride a colorful and stylish bicycle, Martone bicycle from Martone Cycling Co. is the one for you. The bike is a creative collaboration between Lorenzo Martone, the Brazilian-born brand consultant and publicist, and his former Paris neighbor David Thomas.

The need for a fashionable bicycle occurred to Martone after he moved back to New York. As he put into words “I was putting the bikes in the living room. I’m like, ‘They don’t look good. There’s something wrong with this aesthetic.’ It’s too sporty, and I collect midcentury furniture, and it’s all wood and simple.”  So, he got down to work and designed a fashionable bike that has of all things a signature red chain as well as a handlebar basket. Martone bicycle is available in five colors – white, black, red, silver and gold.

Stainless steel and alloy bike is lightweight at 31 lbs. Men’s bicycles are available in 2 sizes 20.47 inches and 22.05 inches while women’s available in just one size 19.69 inches. Martone bicycles are priced at $899 each.

Martone Bicycle 2
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Source: Martone Cycling 

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