Enjoy Private Jet Luxuries On The Road With Senzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes Van

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Last week I told you about the Mercedes V-Class van modified into a luxury mobile office by Russian tuner Redline Engineering and we also met this from Lexani. Now they have competition and for you more options to choose from. A Coventry-based tuner also with a knack to turn German-made vans into super luxury on road vehicles has improved the look and feel of Mercedes vans. The Senzati Jet Sprinter built by Senzati is a regular Mercedes Sprinter van converted into one of the world’s most luxurious people carriers – VIP or not.

Senzati equals the premium features it offers to what you find on private jets. And they are on target with that description. Some of the exclusive standard features available include mid-ships cabin door, heated and Alcantara leather quilted seating with a massaging system, custom built furniture, LED mood lighting, two-meter-wide sunroof with blind, mini bar, multi-media with surround sound and individual climate control. The van is not all for pleasure, it can also be used as a mobile office as is or get custom built as an office. To that end the Senzati Jet Sprinter already come equipped with Mobile Broadband & Multi-User Wi-Fi, armrests with electric and USB connectors, LED TV’s, LCD Privacy glass and an electric passenger compartment partition for security. The passenger compartment has room to seat eight passengers.

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The most looked forward to optional feature they offer is a private bathroom, if you choose to forego it that space becomes available to store 12 large suitcases, useful during long trips to anywhere. There are 8-floor plan configurations to choose from, ranging from four seats to seven at the back. If security is of utmost importance, you can get them to build an armored Senzati Jet Sprinter. They also offer an extensive choice of colors, fabrics, and materials to configure interiors with.

Pricing for German-made, British-improved luxury Senzati Jet Sprinter on the road starts at £209,000 (approx. $320,000). Your imagination for customization and luxury needs can take that price tag much further up.

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Source: Luxury Launches and Senzati

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