Electric Luxury Vehicle Broon F8 From Henes Co For Kids

This is the must-have luxury car for any kid with a Wall Street banker daddy. Third generation luxury Broon F8 electric cars from Korean manufacturer Henes Co is a winner right out of the gates. Regarded as having the best range of luxury wheels for kids, the latest collection consists of three models, namely – the F series sports car, the T series open-top SUV, and the M series sedan. Vehicles not only feature beautiful exteriors, overall construction and specifications are more in line with adult cars.

Broon 8 measures 4-foot-long. Its long list of specifications includes independent suspension systems, disc brakes, differential steering regulated by aluminum-alloy gear trains and four-wheel drive with full option package. If you’ve noticed it, you have a keen eye for detail – yes, there are different configuration options. Doors, trunk, and hood, they all open and close just like in big wheels. These full featured miniatures also have a hood, trunk, and doors that also open as they would on a full-size car, as well as functional headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights.

Broon F8 Henes 7

To keep mini-adult owners of these wheels entertained and in luxury, the main cabin arrives equipped with a luxe leather seat, MP3 player and a removable 7-inch Android tablet that also doubles as the dashboard and infotainment system. Parental control is big with this mini car, it comes with blue tooth enabled remote controls for parents, so little speed freaks wouldn’t drive off at full speed of 10 mph. Top speed 10 mph can be reduced to 5 mph if parents want to.

The standard body styles are customizable because of its modular design. Henes is currently in discussions with luxury car makers Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and others for licensing deals to create mini versions of their famous cars. Even though the pricing is not finalized entry level cars are expected to start at $800 without bells and whistles like leather seats, Android tablet, and others.

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Source: Wired and Henes Co

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