Dubai Paramedics Gets A Supercar Ambulance Fleet

Dubai's Supercar Ambulance Fleet 1

It’s not just the Dubai Police force now has supercars, country’s paramedics also get to drive a supercar fleet. As showcased by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services at the ongoing Gulf Information Technology Exhibition in Dubai, new fleet will include a two-seater 264 HP Lotus Evora. Two Ford Mustangs and a Chevrolet Corvette completes the supercar ambulance fleet.

Dubbed the fastest ambulance on earth, this customized Evora has a top speed of 185 mph. Obviously, two-seater does not have room to carry a patient, but it has enough space for medical equipment. Emergency medical equipment kit comprises of heart rate and blood pressure monitors, a defibrillator and a first aid kit. An oxygen supply is crammed inside the trunk. Paramedic Zaid Al Mamari of Dubai Ambulance Services told BBC “anyone who needs to be rescued will care about getting reached in a short time.”

Dubai's Supercar Ambulance Fleet 3

Dubai streets are full of luxury, sports, and supercars, so another one running down a highway not going to turn heads in the desert city. Even Al Mamari own two sports cars, and he is one of the 50 paramedics to take driving lessons to drive the $160,000 Lotus Evora. Inside the space-challenged car is a small control box that carries the siren and flashing light, and a widescreen notebook. Paramedics can transmit patient’s medical information they gather back to the hospital and to the incoming crew.

Some are criticizing the supercar ambulance idea as a danger to paramedics as well as for others – because driving a fast car with traffic is not an easy task. Several medical researchers pointed out any response time longer than 5 minutes has no real use for a patient in a life or death emergency.

Supercar ambulance fleet is expected to join active service by the end of the year, right now they are being shifted around the city displaying to locals and tourists.

Dubai's Supercar Ambulance Fleet 4 Dubai's Supercar Ambulance Fleet 2


Source: BBC News

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