Bucherer Blue Edition Is Harley Davidson’s Most Expensive Bike Yet

If Bright Blue-bling Is Your Thing, Here It Comes – the Bucherer Blue Edition

With a sparkling blue exterior that makes you feel like you are in James Cameron’s Pandora, the world’s most expensive motorbike comes to the global market as the love child of a manufacturing collaboration between two Swiss luxury creative giants.

Bucherer -a luxury jewelry and watch manufacturing brand and custom motorcycle designer -Bündnerbike have decided to create a ‘chopper’ to be the world’s most expensive bike. The design of the bike is inspired by the previous Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S, but Bündnerbike has flipped the Softail design aspects of its inspirational Harley-Davidson to suit that of a hardtail chopper with a springer for the front end.

To achieve the bike’s aesthetically incandescent blue exterior, a custom paint job process has been incurred. First, its entire body is silver-plated, then six different colour coatings are applied using secret coating methods (which its high-end manufacturers refuse to reveal to the public) to achieve this luminescent Pandora-like aura of the bike.

You might wonder what is Bucherer -the luxury watch and jewelry brand’s contribution is to this motorbike… Wait for it… Bucherer contributes to the bike through the 360 diamonds used to for decoration and the gold-plated screws fused into the bike’s tank on which sits a unique Bucherer timepiece that has many resemblances to a motorcycle engine. Apart from those exterior design enhancements; the large diamond Dizzler ring and the six-prong Heaven solitaire ring with a 5.40 carat-diamond which are both housed in the bike’s tank are all courtesy Bucherer.

This Bucherer Blue Edition-Avatar of a bike valued at $1.79 million (1.8 million Swiss Francs) has spent a year in the making at Bündnerbike. The product has been attended to by a team of eight workmen from both Swiss brands, requiring over 2,500 labor hours of theirs.

Source: Luxury Launches

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