BMW Cruise e-Bike Limited Edition Matches BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver

BMW Cruise e-Bike Protonic Dark Silver

BMW just unveiled the BMW i8 Special Edition at the Paris Motorshow, and the promotion of the car started along with it. The German automaker also announced a companion, the BMW Cruise e-Bike Protonic Dark Silver, a unique edition e-bike of just 300 units. The highlight of the e-bike is, it comes draped in car’s official color, the Protonic Dark Silver paint finish. They have painted the rims in bright Electric Blue to highlight bike’s athletic character.

E-bike means e-bike, or is it? It is actually a hybrid well equipped to handle motorized pedaling. The “hybrid drive” comes equipped with a 400-Wh battery which supports four modes of pedaling – from (ECO (+ 50%) to TURBO (+ 275%)) and a top speed of 16 mph (25 k/h). Assistance for rough and tough riding, think of riding steep slopes and sprints on the flat terrain, is offered via the 10-gear transmission system.

BMW Cruise e-Bike Protonic Dark Silver

The recommended price for the BMW Cruise e-Bike Limited Edition is €3,500.00 ($3,900). Each bike comes with a certificate of authenticity and a special badge. The bike available at selected BMW retail partners as well as at BMW online store.

Source: BMW Press

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