Bentley On Demand Brings Exclusive Concierge Service To Existing Customers

Bentley on demand

For always on the go Bentley owners, there is a new service to trial. As announced by Bentley, the service called – Bentley on Demand will offer customers a Bentley of their choice regardless of their location. With this service, the British luxury brand aims to provide customers the convenience of driving a car they are familiar with in unfamiliar surroundings as well as avoiding disruptions at rental car services.

For the new service, for six months Bentley worked on a trial basis with Filld, a mobile app with an on-demand fuel-delivery service – here car owners do not have to worry about having to stop for gas, ever, and save time by not going to a gas station. Bentley on Demand more or less will be following the same model.

With the new service, owners can request a Bentley model of their choice and the occasion. If they are on a family trip a Bentayga SUV is a more suitable option, and a business trip – a Mulsanne Speed is a better choice. Either way, owners get to travel in Bentley luxury they so love.

The invitation-only trial service is currently available via the Bentley Network App. An app download and account validation later invited members are eligible to use the service. After every reservation customer receives a confirmation notice, a reminder an hour before delivery and a final notice on concierge arrival with the car. As part of the service, the concierge will explain and demonstrate the car’s features. The service includes concierge explaining and showing Bentley’s features. A Bentley concierge will return to collect the car at a location preferred by the customer.

The new service will be trialed in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas throughout the summer.

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