Limited Edition Bentley Birkin Mulsanne Unveiled For Europe

A new limited edition Bentley model based on Mulsanne exclusively for the European market was unveiled by the British automaker. The Bentley Birkin Mulsanne is named after Sir Henry “Tiger” Tim Birkin, one of the legendary Bentley Boys from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Only 22 cars will be made for the special edition, each with unique design details and full of luxury Bentley brand is known for.

The car will be available in three color choices Ghost White, vibrant Damson and two-tone Fountain Blue and Dark Sapphire. Other special features include 21” wheels, 3D Flying B logos stitched to headrests and inlaid into dashboard and rear picnic tables. Other design elements include numbered door sill plaques. Each well-appointed car arrives with a handcrafted, individually numbered luggage matched to interiors of the car.

Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - Dark Sapphire 2

Comes standard to Birkin Mulsanne are Mulliner Driving Specification as well as an upgraded Entertainment Specification package that includes exquisitely-packaged twin 8″ LCD screens in the rear of the seat headrests, DVD player, Wi-Fi hotspot, Naim for Bentley audio system and iPads integrated into the hand-crafted solid wood picnic tables.

Pricing as you would expect not announced by Bentley for the Birkin Mulsanne, with reason.

Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - Damson 1 Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - 8 Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - 5 Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - 6 Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - 7 Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - 4 Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - 9 Bentley Birkin Mulsanne - 10

Source: Bentley

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