Audi TT By Vilner – 1998 Roadster Gets A Striking Interior Makeover

You really have to love your 20-year old car to give it a makeover that is going to cost more than its current market value. That is exactly what the owner of this 1998 Audi TT Roadster did by bringing it to aftermarket specialist Vilner. In 1998, Audi revived their famous motorcycle TT and introduced a slightly “italicized” TT version to the cars, which they put on the back of Coupes and Roadsters – so this car has a minor Audi-related automobile history to it.

Audi TT by Vilner

The owner of this TT Roadster maintained it in tip-top shape all these years and wanted an upgrade to interiors with a modern look. Vilner took up the challenge like a duck to water. The car’s interior included upholstery covered in standard gray leather, which as Vilner described in their press release “too boring” – so, they spruced things up big time. All the while, keeping in mind that for an open top car both interior and exterior should be complimenting each other.

To match Audi’s well-preserved blue body paint, Vilner added blue accents inside using Alcantara stripes on seats and door panels. Blue also appears on seat belts and on the steering wheel by way of blue contrast stitching. The steering wheel received additional decorations through brown and black leather wrap and a rally style blue marker on the top.

There is brown most everywhere on the inside – the center console received a coat of soft brown paint, and the central box is now draped in brown leather. The leather on door panels and seats feature TT logo in perforated as well as a non-perforated imprint. No part is too small or hidden from view for Vilner to not pay attention and that’s why plastic rings on the bottom of each headrest stem got covered in leather.

Vilner hasn’t touched the exterior of the car, except, to add LED headlights and tail lights. Lastly, not to leave TT logo on the back alone, Vilner added their signature in gloss black as a companion to the right. Visit Vilner for additional information.

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