Get Ready For A Lunar Ride With Akrapovič’s Full Moon Motorcycle

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What a concept motorbike this is. Akrapovič (pronounced a-CROP-o-vitch), the Slovenian car exhaust maker for such brands Volkswagen and Audi has come up with the out-of-this-world prototype, which they aptly named the Full Moon Motorcycle. It certainly has the look of a lunar vehicle with its larger than life rear end and the huge front wheel.

Akrapovič unveiled this exotic alien creature at the Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany to an impressed audience of visitors, journalists and photographers. Developed in partnership with Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles, Akrapovič notes they intentionally designed it this way to avoid it being categorized – so it will remain a unique bike for eternity. Bike’s name Full Moon come from the very visible 30 inch front wheel made from aluminium and carbon, which gives the impression of a full moon. Comparatively the Full Moon wheel is full 11 inches wider than the front wheel of Harley Davidson Road Glide.

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As for the technical specifications, this beast of a bike features an S&S Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine and two modified custom-made Akrapovič exhausts. There is no separate exhaust system here, it is all part of the bodywork, as Akrapovič notes the “bike itself is essentially an exhaust.” From frame to body everything is made of sheet metal. It also has a steering completely automated with no visible cables, an upright park with its hydraulic suspension and two strips of LED on the edges of the footrest that act as headlights.

The Full Moon Motorcycle is Akrapovič’s second concept bike, the first Morsus introduced 3 years ago also was a collaboration with Dreamachine Motorcycles. No need to hurry to buy this unique bike however, it is not for mass production or for sale. This particular Full Moon will be doing the rounds around the world at numerous events, exhibitions and fairs.

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Source: Autoblog and Akrapovič

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