The ACJ319 Elegance – Airbus’ Latest Offering In Corporate Jet Range

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Airbus has quietly launched their new and improved version of the popular corporate jet ACJ319 last month. Latest version named, ACJ319 Elegance, is a highly customizable corporate jet that offer wide range of choices in different modules for the almost 79 foot-long cabin. It also give customers the opportunity for speedy and hassle free purchase as well as savings in the cabin.

Range of cabin interior options offered include a wide range of lounge, office, dining and conference modules, complemented by a bathroom and galley at the front and a bedroom with ensuite bathroom at the rear. As a result of the module system, upgrading cabin interiors has become less time consuming and more money saving affair as well. The Elegance, depending on the layout can seat between 19 and more than 100 passengers with plenty of comfort and legroom for everyone.

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All of the cabin interior works are done by company’s Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC), a subsidiary in Toulouse. The ACJC is also responsible for developing the whole module concept for the jet. The ACJ319 Elegance has a maximum cruise speed of approximately 560 mph and a range of nearly 7,000 miles. So, non-stop intercontinental flights are a breeze. Airbus reports, they have up to now have sold 170 corporate jets to all parts of the world. The fully customization version of the ACJ319 Elegance is expected to cost just under $80 million.

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Source: Airbus

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