Nicholas Mee & Co Builds A Mini Aston Martin For Kids

Aston Martin For Kids 1

This is a car designed for rich kids with need for power. British company Nicholas Mee & Co built this fully functioning miniature Aston Martin called DB Junior to fit certain bank accounts only. Inspired by Aston Martin DB models from James Bond movies from 1960’s, the miniature Aston is designed for kids aged 10 and over.

DB Junior Mini Aston Martin is a car that you can actually drive with power. It is powered by an 110cc 4-stroke petrol engine connected to a three-speed semi-automatic gearbox with a key-operated electric start. This powers the car to go at a top speed of 46 mph. Top speed, according the company on request can be restricted downwards. As for safety, it features Brembo hydraulic disc brakes, so the little speed freaks can have some control of the Bond car. Mini Aston also has functional lights, indicators, leather or vinyl seats and a wood-rimmed steering wheel.

Aston Martin For Kids 2

Though the miniature Aston Martin don’t have an ejector seat and a retracting front-mounted machine guns, it can be customized in other ways. Its interiors and exteriors can be finished to match daddy’s big Aston Martin according to the company. Car is not just for kids, at 2.5 meters long with its adjustable pedal box adults also can join in the fun.

It takes around six weeks to build a custom made DB Junior. The standard model costs around $27,000 (£16,500).

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Source: Wired UK

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