Vertu Signature Clous de Paris Red Gold Wrapped In Luxury

Lads in Church Crookham village are adding a new model to the Signature S series. New phone named ‘Signature Clous de Paris Red Gold’ comes in polished 18 karat red gold, with Clous de Paris design on the key towers, case sides, and back. Trying to shore up interest for the Signature series, Vertu has added latest available technologies for the Clous de Paris edition, though that may not be enough to create a lot of buzz.

The Signature Clous de Paris Red Gold has a high-resolution OLED display with sapphire crystal. Other technical specifications include 4 GB of user memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SMS/MMS, auto dual-time clock and web browser. Signature Clous de Paris is restricted to 3G connectivity but features GSM coverage worldwide. It also boasts 5.5 hrs GSM talk time and up to 300 hrs standby time.

Vertu - Signature Clous de Paris - Gold 4

Signature Clous de Paris’s battery cover comes wrapped in fine-grain black leather, polished black sapphire crystal keys, and red gold graphics. Its keypad with Vertu’s patented technology contains 4.75 karats of solid ruby bearings to ensure its longevity. It is also fitted with dual sound ports.

No Vertu handset will be complete without the exclusive Vertu Concierge, Life and Me services, which are part of this model too. Additionally, buyers also receive 2 value repairs for a two year period with Signature Certainty Precious service, and for 3 months Vertu Concierge Dedicated service.

The phone comes with composed and performed for Vertu ringtones, and alerts from the London Symphony Orchestra. Other versions of Signature Clous de Paris are black and stainless steel. Priced at $14,780, Signature Clous de Paris available at Vertu boutiques and luxury retailers.

Vertu - Signature Clous de Paris - Black and Stainless

Source: Vertu

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