Vaja Leather Case Is The Only Upgrade Your iPhone X Needs!

Vaja iPhone X Leather Case

The first thing I noticed after unboxing its sleek packaging is how simple, elegant and rich my Vaja leather case looked. I held the front-flip case and felt it in my hands before putting it on my iPhone X. The leather is smooth and has a subtle luster without compromising on the natural grain texture. My thoughts in the first five minutes – I was impressed with the look and feel! Now time to try it on.

I decided to use it for a full week before writing this review – during my work days and my weekend night outs, from the pocket of my tote bag to the pockets of my jeans, I used it in all daily scenarios possible. As Vaja promised form and functionality, I was curious to see if it would fully win me over by end of the week.

First big pro – the case is very slim and snug, so it did not make my phone bulky and I was able to fit it in the pocket of pants easily. First (and only!) con – it is a front-flip case, and out of habit I kept trying to open it like a book cover case which irked me a little but I am sure would be fine as I formed the habit on longer usage. The second pro – the case has a raised rim so it protects your phone if you keep it facing down or if it falls. The third pro – the padded leather makes the case scratch proof and protects the shiny, fragile glass back of the iPhone X. The fourth eye-catching pro – the Vaja leather case comes in a case of its own! The case comes in a leather pouch with suede on the inside that doubles up as a tool to wipe your screen without smudging. You can tell a lot of thought went into crafting this premium leather case with the attention to detail of the product as well as the user experience.

Vaja iPhone X Leather Case

The big question everyone is probably thinking – did you drop it and did your iPhone X survive? Yes. I did drop it one too many times and it survived each time and I might have to add that the front flap actually REALLY protected my screen not only from the fall but also from my nails. I even accidentally spilled some water while I was working and I was able to wipe it off my Vaja case using the suede leather pouch without leaving any marks. The hidden magnetic mechanism for the flap also helps to keep it in place when the phone was in my bag with things like keys that might scratch the screen. The magnetic mechanism also makes it easy to open and close the flap – gives you a little nostalgic moment of that flip phone attitude we all loved!

Vaja iPhone X Leather Case

The premium quality leather that comes from Argentina’s top 10% calf hide really does perform as well as the looks would lead you to believe. Carrying my iPhone X in the Vaja leather case also added a luxe factor to my everyday life, immediately making me feel very posh. The details of the case are soft yet distinct like the metal logo clip on the bottom or the pressed “Vaja” on the back of the flap, giving it a very minimal yet indulgent feel. The phone covers are sturdy, subtle, slim and super-stylish. They also seem to be unisex and make a great gift. If your phone needs a cape to make it a hero, Vaja leather case is it!

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