Use AROMAFORK To Taste Food Differently

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If you are conscious about your weight and trying keep it under control, the Aromafork from Montréal based Molecule-R is the best thing ever happened to you. With Aromafork you don’t actually have to eat a real juicy steak or a chocolate pudding. You can for instance eat a bowl of cereals and pretend to be chowing down a steak, because the magic fork works by releasing aromas to trick your mind.

We as humans only equipped to recognize 5 primary tastes, however our nose is capable of identifying various understated aromas as flavors. The Aromafork works by marrying food with aromas. It is made to release aromas via a special diffusing paper that comes treated with liquid scents before serving. How you pair taste and smell with what food is entirely up to you – how about a cilantro flavored cake or passion fruit bacon?

There are 21 aromas in 5 categories of beans, fruits, herbs, nuts and spices altogether. Each package costing $58.95 comes with four Aromaforks and 50 diffusing papers. The patent-pending high tech culinary accessory is on course for a June release. You can pre-order it here.

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Source: Molecule R

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