Urbanears By Marc Jacobs – Fashionable Headphones From Sweden

If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of headphones you can do that – buy a pair of Beats, Sennheiser or a Bang & Olufsen. You can even spend $14,500 on a gold plated Happy Plugs pair. But, if you want an affordable yet fashionable set of headphones, look no further than Swedish-made Humlan and Kransen. They are the result of a collaboration between Marc by Marc Jacobs and Urbanears.

Urbanears by Marc Jacobs 2 Urbanears by Marc Jacobs 1

Urbanears by Marc Jacobs are available in many textures and host of striking colors plus additional three striking shades inspired by nature – oil, ocean, and berries. The Humlan range is made from removable and washable parts, they also come with an additional socket so that you can share music with a second person. Highlights of the Kransen range include a patent-pending cable loop wrap and secure the cord and the snap construction feature that let users connect earbuds around their necks. Both boast microphone and remote for hands-free use with phones.

The Humlan retails for $60 and Kransen for $45 – both are available at Urbanears.com and at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores and online.

Urbanears by Marc Jacobs 3

Source: Urbanears

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