You Be The Jesus: Turn Water Into Wine With The Miracle Machine

There are many great products that raise funds on Kickstarter these days. A couple of months ago we had the versatile cocktail maker “Monsieur, the robotic bartender” that successfully raised funds on Kickstarter. Now we have some really good news for wine-lovers, a wine machine to make wine at home. The aptly named “Miracle Machine” is nothing short of a miracle, it practically turns water into wine in only a couple of days. This device allows you to create your Jesus moment in your own kitchen!

A brainchild of two wine industry veterans Kevin Boyer and Philip James, the Miracle Machine is world’s first affordable accelerated winemaking device. All you need is the device and your smartphone, they connect via Bluetooth. The smartphone app for the device come with types for different wines and instructions to guide you through the winemaking process.

The winemaking process starts with you picking a wine from the list, then choose the style and finally adding the necessary ingredients into the machine’s “fermentation chamber.” The Miracle Machine app will then monitor the progress and will notify you through an alert when the wine is ready.

Miracle Machine 3

If you’ve decided to make a Cabernet Sauvignon with a “fruity” character, the machine will make you just that. As for the ingredients, the company plans on launching wine-making kits that include the grape concentrate, yeast, and other ingredients.

The Miracle Machine is made of a thermo-plastic fermentation chamber, a thermoelectric heater, a temperature monitor, a motor to mix the ingredients, a custom microprocessor board to control the process and a Bluetooth antenna to connect with your smartphone. The device has a clean minimalist design and guaranteed to look good in any kitchen.

The KickStarter project is not live yet, but it soon will be. The expected price according to the website for the Miracle Machine is set at $499. Not bad considering you can turn water into wine for the rest of your life in your own kitchen.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Miracle Machine is a hoax – for a good cause. For more information visit Miracle Machine website here.

Source: Mashable 

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