Toy Asia Iron Man Armor Is One Serious Bionic Dude With A $36,000 Price Tag

Toy Asia Iron Man Armor

If there is any company in the world that can create a fake that looks 100% like the original, you can find it in China – I am not talking about just handbags from luxury brands. Remember the fake Apple stores and Fake Fifth Avenue in Wuxi City? They are in China. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn Chinese company, The Toy Asia has created a life-sized, incredibly realistic Iron Man armor. This is an amazing engineering feat, the 567 parts of this Iron Man figure are powered by 46 motors.

Toy Asia Iron Man Armor

Fully automated Iron Man gives the impression that anyone can step inside it, but you can’t. Its interiors are filled with wires, motors, and electronic parts. You can use the accompanying remote control to push the button to witness the impressive display when it opens up to reveal the complex interior. Apparently, it takes just 28 seconds for life-sized Iron Man to show off it talents fully.

Everything has a price. This complex toy has a 2.5 million Chinese Yuan price tag (about #36,000). For that money, it also comes with its own display stand, so you can show it off in your basement liar or in your bachelor pad. This is not something you can buy off the shelf, it takes them at least eight months to build an Iron Man armor. There is something, even more, cooler in the works – an Iron Man Command Fortress playset.

Source: Luxury Launches

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