Want To Break The Internet? Take Selfies With The Hasselblad Stellar II Camera

Hasselblad Stellar II Carbon

As well know by now phone camera is not for everyone. Those who wish to take super cute pictures of puppies and kitties doing silly things need a little more serious camera. As a way to help serious photographers out there, Sweden’s Hasselblad has added a new compact camera to its luxury line – the Hasselblad Stellar II. It comes loaded with the latest technology such as NFC and built-in Wi-Fi – shoot’em and share’em in no time on Instagram!

Wi-Fi is also for sharing images on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The Hasselblad Stellar II is actually a Sony RX100 II dressed in Hasselblad attire. The 20 MP camera boasts a 3.6 x optical zoom capability with its Sony Zeiss lens. It also comes equipped with a 3.0-inch high-resolution screen and the ability to handle 1080 HD video at 60p. To achieve better sharpness, a coat of advanced anti-glare is applied to its display, while the multi-functional hot-shoe interface work as the go-between for attachable flashes and microphones.

Hasselblad Stellar II Wood Case

Hasselblad (and Sony and Zeiss) not only spruced up on the technical side of things, they also worked on beautifying its exteriors. A range of premium grips made available includes lacquered woods such as olive timber, walnut and padouk and in carbon fiber (top image). Same fine woods are also used for its outstanding packaging, let me also add the obvious – this makes a great holiday gift for the selfie crowd.

A Sony RX100 II on average retails for $650, you are going to need to reach for your deep pockets for the Hasselblad Stellar II, however. Exceptional work comes with exceptional price tags – this version costs $2,395 (€1,650).

Padouk Hasselblad Stellar II Walnut

Walnut Hasselblad Stellar II Padouk

Olive Hasselblad Stellar II Olive


Source: Designboom and Hasselblad

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