Diamond Studded $115,000 Senturion Elite Supercar Key Bracelet For Your Lamborghini

Senturion Elite Supercar Key

Usain Bolt has one, so should you. The Senturion Elite Supercar Key belongs in the most extravagant wearable tech category. Your collection of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Maseratis deserve a limited edition electronic key made from a variety of precious metals and extraterrestrial material. Currently, in addition to bespoke pieces, they offer four collections named – Racing, Lifestyle, Diamond and Meteorite. The company makes only 7 pieces from each model, so each piece as unique as they get. As Senturion note on their website – there are 7 billion people on earth, only 7 Senturions made – be one in a billion. Each edition feature 2 different models.

Senturion Elite Supercar Key

The Senturion Key is not only for your fancy cars, it can be used as an entry system for most everything that includes garage doors, house, gun safes and jewelry vaults. The RFID technology embedded bracelets connect wirelessly and sync with devices with similar capability. These high-tech pieces are not just fashionable, they are also high-end jewelry pieces with matching price tags. If decide to go for a bespoke bracelet with more oomph, it would add more to the price sticker – but worth every bit of it. Let’s take a look at some of the fancy Senturion Elite Supercar Key bracelets London-based company make.

Senturion Elite Supercar Key Racing EditionsSenturion Elite Supercar Key Racing Edition The Monaco made from Platinum, Leather, White Carbon and Titanium costs £41,650 (about $52,000). The Monza handcrafted from Rose Gold, Leather, Red Carbon and Titanium costs £39,450 (about $49,000).

Senturion Elite Supercar Lifestyle Editions Senturion Elite Supercar Key Lifestyle Edition The Mayfair handcrafted from Platinum, Leather, Black Carbon and Titanium is priced at £42,550 (about $53,000). The St Barths made from Rose Gold, Leather, Blue Carbon and Titanium costs £38,350 ($48,000).

Senturion Elite Supercar Meteorite Editions Senturion Elite Supercar Key Meteorite Edition The Atlas handcrafted from Ancient Meteorite, Platinum, Marine Blue polyurethane £68,640 (about $85,500). The Triton handcrafted Ancient Meteorite, Gold, Gunmetal Grey polyurethane is priced £66,640 (about $83,000).

Senturion Elite Supercar Diamond Editions Senturion Elite Supercar Key Diamond Edition The Emperor handcrafted from Rose Gold, Black Diamonds, Leather, Titanium is priced at £88,550 ($110,250). The Tsar handcrafted from Platinum, Flawless Diamonds, Leather and Titanium is priced at £91,630 ($114,000).

Every Senturion Elite Supercar Key arrives in a beautiful black case. Visit their online store for more details.

Senturion Elite Supercar Key

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