This $1,500 Plum Wine Cooler Will Keep Your Wines Fresh For 90 Days

Plum Wine

Can you turn water into wine? That’s what I thought, the good news is I can’t either. A couple of years back these guys tried to sell a bridge and claimed they’ve found a way, that ended up being a cheeky affair. A few weeks from now, we are going to celebrate the birth anniversary of the man who actually (?!) turned water into wine – trust me, he did it, it’s written in the books. How about giving your loved one/s a state-of-the-art drink dispenser named, Plum Wine, to celebrate the event? The best way to honor that one man who turned water into wine.

Plum Wine

Plum is a creation of inventor and entrepreneur David Koretz. In addition to dispensing, it also works as a storage system. In fact, it’s most important function is the storage system that preserves the freshness of wine for 90 days and all other features revolve around it. There is room for two bottles and the entire process begins with placing an unopened bottle (standard 750ml) in one of the stainless-steel chambers. The best part is two compartments are independent of each other and you can use them for two different wines – a white and a red.

The connected camera scans the label to gather information like variety, vintage, region, winery, and wine. Using the information gathered, Plum decides the ideal cooling temperature for that wine, or you can decide the temperature to suit your taste. Each chamber comes with its own silent solid-state cooling unit.

Plum Wine

The next step is where everything happens. The patent-pending double-cored automatic needle is so sharp, it just pierces through foil and cap (natural cork, composite, or screw top.) At the same time, it accomplishes two other tasks – pouring wine and injecting argon gas to prevent oxidization. With the purchase, Plum comes with an argon gas canister good for over 200 wine bottles. Afterward, refills will cost $49 per canister, depending on consumption will last for about 18 months or 200 bottles. Pouring is pre-set for 5-ounce glass and 1-ounce taste, this is also customizable to suit your needs.

Easy to read touchscreen with a proximity sensor displays bottle’s label and wine details, when you need a glass, just give it a slight touch. Thanks to the sensor, energy saving Plum lights up only when you get close to it. While writing this story I wondered what happens to the foil and cork, seems they stay put until the bottle is finished, and you remove it from the system. However, the device is equipped with an automated self-cleaning mechanism – probably for drops of wine spills.

Aesthetically pleasing and compact, brushed stainless steel Plum weighs around 45 lbs and connects via WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth. Plum Wine is now available for pre-order and delivery expected in Spring 2017.

Source: Robb Report

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