Mobiado Professional 3 VG Fleur – A Smartphone For Ladies With Ruby Butterflies And A Sapphire Daisy

Mobiado Professional 3 VG Fleur

Canadian luxury high-tech firm Mobiado has mastered the art of simple design. We have seen over the years their clean lines and uncomplicated colors in their smartphones and charging devices. With their latest release, the Professional 3 VG Fleur, Mobiado decided to take a slightly different route and add color and graphics. The result is a stunning smartphone, a high-tech device every girl in town probably want to get her hands on.

Mobiado Professional 3 VG Fleur

The highlight of the 3 VG Fleur is its ruby butterflies surrounded inlayed sapphire daisy on the battery cover. As for other features, it has a frame made from solid aluminum, glass bead blasted, and then finished with an anodizing coating. It takes lots of time and design effort to make things look simple that is definitely the case here. Touchscreen sapphire crystal plates are precision inset into the frame and to reinforce the corners of the frame they used gold-plated brackets and screws. A luxury phone deserve the best buttons in the world, the front of the 3 VG Fleur comes decked in 21 rubies that pretend to buttons (they really are).

Mobiado Professional 3 VG Fleur

Aesthetics aside, this is backed by solid hardware, software and other high-tech. The unlocked Professional 3 VG Fleur is compatible with any GSM network in the world. It features dual SIM quad-band GSM and dual-band 3G coverage WCDMA (on main SIM only). The long list of other bells and whistles include a 2.4” QVGA display, expandable microSD memory, camera and video camera, web browser, Bluetooth 3.0, email support, and a music player.

Mobiado does not plan to sell Professional 3 VG Fleur limited edition in limitless numbers. With just 18 pieces made, they will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Price?  To check more on the $3,442 device visit


Source: Mobiado

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