Mobiado Pays Tribute To Gustav Klimt And His Work

Mobiado Gustav Klimt Phone 2

Mobiado, the luxury phone maker from Canada previously paid tribute to Vincent Van Gough and Piet Mondrian with their Professional 3D collection which interprets famous artworks. The latest installment of the collection pays tribute to Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and his work. Mobiado has plated the body of the phone in 24 karat gold, gold is the most prominent color in many of Klimt’s paintings. The highlight of the phone however is its artwork done inside the battery cover, it features a reproduction Klimt’s famous “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.”

When it comes to tech specifications this phone is on the slow and low side. It has a 2.4 inch screen with 320×240 pixels, two cameras, two microphones, Bluetooth and a micro SD slot. The limited edition Mobiado Gustav Klimt is both for dual SIM and 3G out of the box. Its sapphire buttons as well as screws are gold plated. Keypads available in English, Cyrillic or Arabic along with various software packages for different regions. For pricing information contact Mobiado.

Mobiado Gustav Klimt Phone 1 Mobiado Gustav Klimt Phone 3


Source: Mobiado

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