Luxury Master & Dynamic MH30 Headphones To Take You Back To School In Style

Master & Dynamic MH30 Headphones

Colleges are sites of scholarship, personal evolution, and community support. However, noisy roommates, loud chewers, and cheer practices inhabit campuses nationwide. And they must be silenced… well, not silenced, but certainly drowned out, and luxury audio company Master & Dynamic has just the headphone to make this possible.

Master & Dynamic MH30 Headphones were created with the student in mind. Premium grain leather, memory foam, and a noise-isolating feature ensure wearers remain comfortable over long durations of use, and their foldable quality allows for better mobility. Therefore, the MH30s are easily stashed away when it is time for class to begin and ready to be pulled out again as soon as the bell rings.

Master & Dynamic MH30 Headphones

And because students have been known to experience moments of incautiousness, Master & Dynamic headphones are made for durability with a stainless-steel construction and can be easily cleaned through the magnetized ear pads. This magnetic feature allows the ear pads to be removed, readjusted, or possibly swapped!

Because no wearer is the same, Master & Dynamic has crafted the MH30s to allow for personalization in both style and length. This fall Master & Dynamic is re-releasing colorful ear pads, allowing students to choose a color coordination that works best for them. In addition, MH30s have adjustable ear cups, being easily heightened or lowered, to provide the perfect fit to ensure students can enjoy their perfect studying playlist.

Master & Dynamic MH30 Headphones

However, college is about more than just hitting the books, it’s also about sharing experiences… and music. With the audio sharing cable jack, students can listen along together. Therefore, even the library’s strict no-talk zone can become a place of collaboration, connection, and electrifying sound.

As the fall semester gets underway, the MH30s will serve passionate audiophiles well. The headphones are available for purchase on Also, from now until September 4, buy an MH30 or any other Master & Dynamic headphone and get black ME03 Earphones and 2 Audible books as a free gift.

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