The Louis Vuitton Nikon Z7 Camera Is On Every Fashion Blogger’s List!

Louis Vuitton Edition Nikon Z7 Camera

Take your fashion photography love to the next level with the Louis Vuitton Nikon Z7 camera! Your little helper can be one of your most high-tech accessories and is a must for those loyal Louis Vuitton fans who just can’t have enough of their iconic monogram. This has to be a collaboration that every fashion blogger dreams of – the coming together of two of the most historic names in fashion and photography.

This is still only a rumor but we hope it comes to life soon! Louis Vuitton Nikon Z7 would be the perfect blend of art, fashion, and technology resulting in one beautiful, functional piece. While this news is not confirmed by either of the two mega-brands, there is a photo floating around on the internet showing the Nikon Z7 dressed up in the trademark Louis Vuitton logo monogram with the top of the camera covered in real gold!

There seems to also be a matching Louis Vuitton branded camera belt to go with the Nikon Z7 making it the most fashionable camera ever…possibly! Just like you, we are staying tuned to find out if Nikon or Louis Vuitton confirm the rumors and add this to every fashionista’s holiday wishlist!

Source: Luxury Launches

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