All New Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Folio Case Collection

Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Folio

We know everyone is waiting for the Louis Vuitton Etui iPhone 7 and 7 Plus case – which I’m pretty sure going to sell out as soon as it hits the stores. For those of you a bit impatient to have an LV phone case not named Etui, the fashion brand has released an updated version of their existing extra-slim Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Folio Case Collection.

Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Folio

Unlike most folio cases, this particular LV version does not have a frame, instead, it uses an extremely strong Gecko-inspired adhesive surface. Not having a frame helped it stay super slim, however that does not get in the way go protecting it from bumps, knocks, and drops from low heights.

In addition to Monogram and Damier canvasses in brown as well as black gray, it is also offered in solid colors. Depending on your choice of color, inside lining of stylish folios are available in bright colors like pink. Nothing for gents to worry as they can pick from any of black, gray, cream and others.

Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Folio

Pricing for cases starts from $295. They also designed an elegant leather printed folio priced especially for ladies that will set you back $345. If the folio is not your style, they also have pouches in soft and hard leather in varies materials and colors.

The Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Folio Case Collection and Pouch collection is now available online and at Louis Vuitton stores now. Perhaps for some of you, this is a stop-gap solution until the much talk about Louis Vuitton Etui hits the stores in near future.

Source: Louis Vuitton

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