Gorgeous Vaja Libretto Leather Case For iPad 9.7”

Libretto Leather Case For iPad 9.7”

Vaja has a new case – for Apple’s new iPad 9.7”. As you know, Vaja makes some of the most beautiful leather cases in the world, not just for Apple devices but for Samsung and Blackberry as well. Their range of products are not limited to smartphone and tablet cases either, they also make MP3 cases, wallets and notebook cases as well. Regardless of the type of case they make, there are things that stand out and haven’t changed in all these years – quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The Libretto Leather Case For iPad 9.7” is no different, it brings the same high-quality workmanship, protection, and style to Apple’s new iPad.

Libretto Leather Case For iPad 9.7”

The new case fits like a glove for the perfectly sized new iPad. Those of you are familiar with Vaja products know they use only the best materials, and this case is made from soft and supple leather with either a grainy texture and a smooth touch to it. The folio style case also features Vaja’s exclusive closure system made with rare earth magnets – in addition to providing maximum protection to your iPad, it also doubles up to offer sleep-wake function.

Another important aspect of the case is its Smart Stand. It comes with two built-in landscape options. One for watching movies – the higher angle and the second – lower option offers a perfect typing angle.

Libretto Leather Case For iPad 9.7”

All cases are handcrafted by their in-house leather artisans using a combination of old and new techniques. The case is offered in two leather types – Floater and Bridge. The Floater is a mixed tanned colorful grained leather, while the Bridge is a vegetable tanned soft leather that comes in various earthly colors.

The elegant cases cost $180 and ready to ship without additional customization. Custom-made orders take up to 30 days to create and deliver.

Source: Vaja

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