Legend Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge – Helsinki Company Gives Galaxy A Luxury Makeover

Legend Samsung Galaxy

Legend, the Helsinki, Finland based luxury company is a pioneer in the world of electronics. Not for inventing or designing them, but for turning them into exclusive and luxurious bespoke products. They are one of the first companies to unveil luxurious iPhones when they were first released, draped and decorated in various precious materials and stones. The company has recently added a collection of personalized Samsung Galaxy phones to their high-end electronics stable, Legend Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The Legend Samsung models are available in precious metals 18 karat gold, 24 karat gold, rose gold, 950 platinum and black rhodium plating. They also offer in three laser engraved special editions – “Alhambra” and “Wild Thing” limited to just 10 pieces each, while the “Crocodylus” is limited to 50 pieces. Made from premium crocodile leather, the “Crocodylus” S6 can be ordered in any shade, as they can be dyed in customer’s desired color.

Legend Samsung Galaxy

Legend Samsung Galaxy phones are 100% customizable. They can be laser or hand engraved, add personalized logos, adorn with precious stones and any other ways customer wants it. Each phone also gets treated with scratchproof invisible ultra-thin clearcoat formula that will ensure it stays polished in years to come. Every aspect of customization is done by hand in Finland by Legend’s experienced artisans that include stone-setting, hand-engraving, plating and finishing. They are so sure of the quality of their high-end product, each phone comes with a 5 year warranty.

A luxury phone deserves a luxurious presentation, each phone is delivered in a beautifully crafted box along with gold plated earphones, the certificate of authenticity and warranty in a premium leather folder. Pricing for Legend Samsung Galaxy Series range from €2,150 ($2,320) to €13,000 ($14,000). Priciest of them is the yet to be released model featuring a VS1 diamond studded bezel. Legend plans to officially unveil this version along with hand engraved limited edition versions in May.

Legend Samsung Galaxy


Source: Legend

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