LaCie Sphère, A State Of The Art 1TB External Hard Drive

LaCie Sphère 1

Not many would describe an external computer hard drive as work of art, but the French tech pioneer LaCie has designed one that belongs in the art category. A collaboration between LaCie and French silversmiths Christofle has resulted in creating a handcrafted hard drive in the shape of a sphere in polished silver. Named LaCie Sphère, the high-end hard drive comes with 1TB of storage, that’s more than enough space to save all your Playboy Mansion photos, videos and music, and even work files. The fast connecting USB 3.0 located at the bottom provides dual support as connector and power source, while the blue LED light works as status indicator.

The LaCie Sphère is as much a desk decoration as computer hardware. As we know, luxury and high-end gadget conversation pieces don’t come for nothing – it has a price sticker of $490. The gremlin looking hard drive will be in stores before the end of first quarter 2014.

LaCie Sphère 2 LaCie Sphère 3


Source: LaCie

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